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FAM Tampa offers a variety of equipment and free weights to ensure that you don’t have to compromise on your workouts. FAM Tampa’s coaches specialize in bodybuilding, athletic, and lifestyle training. Many of our coaches also offer nutritional coaching services.

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Memberships & Personal Training

For $35 a month, you can have access to FAM Tampa and all of it’s amenities during business hours.

We offer a discounted rate of $25 a month to military and first responders.

We also offer a discounted rate of $25 a month to USF, HCC, and UT students and faculty with a valid university ID.

FAM Tampa has several personal trainers with different specialties and offerings. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and our staff can assist you in finding the best personal trainer for your specific goals.

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Upcoming Events at FAM Tampa


FAM Tampa VS. Elite Gym Powerlifting Meet

Join us on October 22nd to test your strength and see where you line up. Choose to be team FAM or Elite. This meet will only feature benching and deadlifting. This is strictly for fun and bragging rights. We hope to see you there!